Swing Machine Jazz Orchestra

10 Year Anniversary Album 

Crowdfunded Album Pre-order

Dear Big Band Fan, Friend or Colleague,

Please spare 3 minutes to read through this message;

  • The background…..

My big band, Swing Machine Jazz Orchestra celebrates its 10th anniversary this year - 30th October to be precise - we launched on that date in 2010.

Since then we are lucky to have featured some of the finest musicians in the UK, mainly based in the West Country. We have also hosted concerts with a staggering array of guests from the UK big band and jazz scene. (Pee Wee Ellis, Pete Long, Claire Martin, Joe Stilgoe, Mike Lovatt, Clare Teal, Elaine Delmar and countless more).

You can read all about the band, see a 10 year personnel list and information on our special guests by clicking HERE.

My original idea was to form a band that brings together some of the wonderful musicians we have living in the South West to play classic and contemporary big band music to the highest level. I had no idea how well received we would be by the general public - our first concert was a full house and we have continued like that ever since!

  • The 10 Year Anniversary Project…..

We want YOU to help us celebrate! We will record an album of brand new music and arrangements. 
The album will feature guest performers, composers and arrangers who have links to the West Country.

Crowdfunding - ‘pre sales’ campaign
You may have seen the various crowdfunding platforms - there are several around. The problem with these is that they all take some kind of fee - what I propose to do, is gather funds through pre orders of our new album and use that money to pay fees to our musicians, composers and guests - all at a time when creative professionals really need the work. 

How does it work?
Members of the general public (that’s you) buy a CD from us (just like you do at a gig). We will then make the CD for you and deliver it to your door!

OK, what does it cost?
£12 - that includes postage to your door

What do I get for that?
You will receive a CD album - delivered to your door as soon as it is ready.You will help to pay for the amazing musicians, an incredible studio and fabulous composers to write brand new music for the project!You will also get a mention in the album artwork - after all, you will have helped to make it!

How long will it take?
The plan is to record the album in a well known professional studio in October 2020. Allowing time for mixing, printing and duplication, we hope that you will have your disc in time for Christmas! Obviously there are possible delays due to the current Covid19 situation but we will guarantee to get the music to you by the end of Jan 2021 at the latest - even if everything goes wrong! We will update you along the way!

Why should I do this then?
If you love music and would like to support the UK arts economy, this is a small way of helping! You will also get to hear some cracking big band music being played by a great band!
The production costs include, studio, mixing, mastering, artwork, CD duplication, musicians fees, composer and arranger fees, producer - The overall cost will be around £8000. We are aiming to raise half of this through this crowdfunding project by October. That's about 330 albums to sell - spread the word!

This sounds like a really great project! How do I sign up?Click HERE to go to the sales page and purchase the ‘SMJO 10 Year Anniversary Album Pre-order’We will send out a monthly update to let you know how the project is coming along!If you would like to make an additional donation to this project, you may wish to send a paypal gift to edwardleaker@yahoo.co.uk - we will make sure that you are suitably recognised for your generosity.


We were very fortunate that the fantastic Composer Mike Mower agreed to write a new piece in May this year for us to record.

All parts were recorded in isolation across the UK - audio mix by Edward Leaker and Video edit by Tim Walker.